Unboxed: Camangi WebStation UPDATE: Verdict – Not So Good

UPDATE: Laptopmag has written up a quick review on this gadget – and it’s not pretty. They say it’s a bit sluggish due to the slower CPU. This made app launching and video viewing a pain. It also doesn’t take finger presses very well. There are positive comments though – the device is very light and it’s easy to read webpages and text. The speakers also send out decent sound. While we wait for a meatier review, I’d like to say that maybe we’re just spoiled by the iPod Touch and iPhone which are snappier and more responsive but the WebStation certainly is a great step forward of tablets.

Looks like somebody finally got their paws on the WebStation slate tablet we talked about a while back. Judie over at Gear Diary was the first to show off her Camangi via a thorough unboxing.

From what I saw, it’s around the size of the B&N Nook and the screen is about the same aswell. It looked like it took forever to boot (or maybe it was just the video editing). They promise to make a fuller review soon but from the initial hands-on, this is possibly something that can sell well beside the rumored Apple tablet with the very sleek design.

I was hoping for a bigger screen though, but that’s just me. Hop on the link for more pictures and a video of the actual unboxing.

via Gear Diary

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Written by: Björn A.