Verizon Wireless Confirms Subsidized Netbook

Following our report on Verizon Wireless’ plans of releasing subsidized netbooks as a direct competition with AT&T’ which started offering Acer Aspire One for $99 with two-year service plan, a Verizon official has officially confirmed that said netbook package is actually happening soon.

Brenda Raney of Verizon Product Distribution and Marketing confirmed that the subsidized netbook could be be in Verizon communications stores as early as next quarter.  However, pricing details and other information about the said netbook still remains unknown at this time.

Reacting to this confirmation, Carrie MacGillivray, an IDC senior mobile enteprise analyst say that it is natural for Verizon to offer subsidized netbooks but the challenge is more on at what price such subsidized netbook should be offered.  She also said that this subsidized netbook would not really affect the smartphone industry since both the smartphone and netbook have different consumer market.

With Verizon confirming  their subsidized netbook to come soon, what remains to be known now is which netbook manufacturer it would tap for this plan. Would a Verizon Wireless and Asus team-up be possible especially since AT&T already sells the Acer Aspire One and Dell Mini netbook? Or and HP-Verizon tandem would be a better team? What do you think folks?

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Written by: Björn A.