ViewPad e70: The New Budget Android 4.0 Tablet from ViewSonic

The ViewPad e70 is a new 7-inch tablet that will soon be available from ViewSonic. It joins the slew of many affordable tablet PCs that are available in the market. The ViewPad e70 runs Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version available from the popular Android platform for devices.

Sleek, thin, and comfortable to hold, the ViewPad e70 has an 800 x 480p low-resolution display and a 1GHz single-core ARM-based processor. It also has a capacitive touchscreen which is responsive to light touches of fingers. The ViewPad e70 has built-in 4GB of storage. It bears as well a microSD card slot and a microHDMI port for those who wish to expand its storage or plug it into other devices.

It appears to be likewise sufficient for download-savvy users as it has the Amazon Appstore and the Amazon Kindle app. It does not carry, however, the official Google Android Market. Though, because of its ARM-based processor, it offers good support for downloaded apps from third-party sources. Capable of performing common tasks for mobile consumers like checking e-mail, reading e-books, or playing various media, the ViewSonic ViewPad e70 is an inexpensive alternative for pricier products for sale today.

via liliputing

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