Vista netbooks bought after July 1st eligible for direct upgrade to Windows 7

In case you buy a netbook ‘puter that’s got Windows Vista already installed on it on or after July 1st of this year, you should know that you will be eligible for a direct upgrade to the newer Microsoft OS, Windows 7, once it’s finally released. The whole Vista to Windows 7 upgrade scheme may have been confusing before, but it won’t be after now. The above mentioned information relating to Vista to Windows 7 upgrades came from a Microsoft issued draft that the guys from over at Tech ARP somehow got their hands on. So, if you were eyeing a new PC with Vista installed on it, you may want to stall buying for now and wait until the upgrade scheme for Windows 7 is finally clear.

Tech ARP

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Gary

    No “netbooks” have Vista preinstalled…

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  • David Gonzales

    Tell that to HP and the Mini 2133 with Vista :)

  • Jochen Siegle

    where does it say this? there is no specific info about “netbooks” in the documents presented by techARP … pls clearify, thanks.

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  • steve

    I got the evaluation version of windows 7 and all you have to do is copy and paste the files to a 4g usb drive and plug it into the netbook and boot from it. It already has the boot files and all the drivers are installed. It is a right out of the box os for netbooks.It takes up six gigs of space so im downgrading to vista basic.I have the EEEpc 701 8G and so if you dont have a portable hardrive i dont recommend this os for you.

  • http://WindowsVistaonNetbooks Bennie

    I saw a Gateway netbook at Best Buy over the weekend that had Windows Vista on it but all the rest had Windows XP.