Vodafone Finds a New Way to Market the Eee PC 701

The Eee PC 701 might be too old for all of us, having witness the barrage of Eee PC variants that Asus has launched and released so far. But like, Asus Philippines where the Eee PC 701 was tied up with free travel package contest, Vodafone Portugal on the other hand is marketing the Eee PC 701 via a bundled hardware for their internet mobility package.

Dubbed as the Vodafone NetPC, the Eee PC 701 gets bundled up with a Vodafone Connect Pen which would enable Vodafone customers to browse the web at a speed of 7.2mbps. Of course the package comes with some Vodafone service agreement – and that’s an 18-month contract for the price of around 199.90 euros for the Linux version or 229.90 euros for the Windows XP Eee PC 701 models.

Via [Into Mobile] Via [Telecom Paper]

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Written by: Björn A.