Vodafone UK Offers the Samsung NC10


I’m pretty sure that Vodafone has already announced this mobile broadband/netbook package for the Samsung NC10 as early as April. Unless of course there is something new to the announcement.  But anyway, Vodafone UK is announcing the it will start offering the Samsung NC10 with built-in mobile broadband connectivity.

What this simply means is that you can get a free Samsung NC10 netbook if you agree to sign-up for a 24-month service contract that would cost you around £25 and would give you 1GB of data connectivity through Vodafone’s wireless services. You can also choose a higher bandwith of 3GB data if you are willing to pay £30 instead.

Vodafone will be installing VODAFONE SIM plus their mobile broadband software to those Samsung NC10 so you won’t need a USB modem to connect your Samsung NC10 to the web.

So, if you’re living somewhere in the UK, you might want to get this netbook/mobile internet bundle from Vodafone.  And if you do, you may want to get this sleek Vodafone Netbook bag which would cost you only £40, available vodafone.co.uk/ppq.

The Samsung NC10 is available now at the Vodafone online store.

Via Market Wire

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Written by: Björn A.

  • funkinc10

    attention, it comes with a 3 cell battery.

  • DieselDen

    Watchout though if you’re considering getting the NC10 package from Vodafone – it only comes with a 3-cell battery unlike the 6 cell the retail Samsung is packaged with, meaning you will barely get 3 hour’s use unlike the 7+ hours all the reviews rave about and one of the NC10′s strongest selling points.

  • Callum

    If I bought it, could I use my six cell from my old(broken) NC10 on the vodafone one?