Windows 7 drivers added for netbooks


If you’re looking to upgrade from XP or Vista on your netbook, or perhaps you already have, then here’s some great news for you. Some netbook makers have already updated the driver download pages to include Windows 7 drivers which should work better than Vista drivers you may be using instead. Most Asus netbooks now have drivers for Windows 7 from their support page.

Other companies have updated their support pages but, not all companies support many netbook models. There is support from Toshiba for the NB205, while Acer are providing Windows 7 drivers for the Aspire One 751 and AOP531h with AOD250 to follow. Dell are listing drivers for the Mini 10v and Mini 10 but not the Inspiron Mini 9 or 12. HP on the other hand have support for discontinued netbooks, such as the HP Mini 2140. They’ve also got support for the 110, 5101 and other models. Lenovo have also updated their support page to include manuals but, no drivers yet. This could change soon though.


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Written by: Björn A.

  • j555-5

    No love for the EEE PC 900HA, the 1000HE or several others I have checked. Additionally, the 1005HR does not show graphics drivers or the SuperHybridEngine utility, where others do. Not really sure why these are that way, but it doesn’t seem quite cooked yet.

  • Hanz_688

    In installing windows 7, it also install the wireless network adapter?

  • Jimsr23

    when I loaded windows 7 I lost my web cam, how can I get it back?

  • Jimsr23

    yhe eeepc 1201hab is the unit that I lost the web cam

  • Mightydaredevil

    same here! i lost my webcam after i load windows 7! how can i run web cam?

  • Soco

    you can find wifi drivers by Finding model “AR 2427″. If you go to the website find the content of the INF file, and copy&paste the code on a txt file (its a lot of text, dont scare, and select all), after, you have save the file and rename it, changing the extension to a .inf . After that, you’ll have the driver to load it on “upgrade controllator” on “Hardware administration section” on Win7 (i done it and it works perfectly)

    About The webcam… i cant find any driver… im still searching…. sorry 

  • asdf

    Just google around for this “Atheros 8121 8113 8114 ” and you will find the Ethernet drivers (they also work with windows 2008 server)