Windows 8 Stable on ARM CPU?

According to multiple sources, Windows 8 is rumored to be stable on ARM processors. The new ARM-compatible build will be out to developers in February.

This move will be a big step to Microsoft and the PC industry as using ARM chipsets may reduce the costs of devices, including tablets to make them even more affordable to consumers. Compared to PCs, tablets, and laptops running Intel or AMD’s x86 architecture, ARM chipsets will cost less.

One source said that a high-profile device with Intel chips will cost hundreds of dollars less on ARM chipsets.They also say that Microsoft may also target all three chip platforms at the same time, rather than staggering the launch for devices running Intel, AMD, and ARM CPUs.

The biggest challenge with ARM chipsets so far is that devices running on ARM may not be compatible with legacy apps as well as the preview from Microsoft’s compatibility with the OS-maker’s Office suite. While Microsoft claims that Office will be compatible, no one has yet seen or demo that has Office running on ARM. For ARM, Microsoft has largely demoed HTML5-based full-screen applications based on the Metro UI language.

As of now, Microsoft has said and shown little publicly regarding its ARM-based efforts.

via gottabemobile

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Written by: Björn A.