Windows 8 Tablets on Intel’s Clover Trail Chipset to Launch in Q3

Last year, Intel and Google have announced the future incorporation of Medfield chip in the coming  smartphones and tablet slates. Medfield is the Intel’s fourth-generation mobile Internet device platform on a 32-nanometer Atom single-core processor. However, portable PC makers opt to switch with a dual-core version of the world’s largest chipmaker, Intel in the form of Clover Trail chipset. This is all due to the better system performance and more efficient power consumption of the new Clover Trail chip compared to Medfield according to most PC merchants.

As stated by the DigiTimes source, mobile PC manufacturers are now working on an upgraded type of tablets through the Microsoft Windows 8. There are also new reports regarding some of the top electronic companies such as Acer and Lenovo in  readying the launch of their newly tablet versions comprising the Intel’s upcoming Clover Trail chipset running on Windows 8.

The latest tablet models on the newest Intel’s product Clover Trail are anticipated to show off in the third quarter of the year according to DigiTimes.

via BGR

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Jaddy Jaddi

    Just last week, DigiTimes reported that devices using aAcer and Lenovo the Intel Clover Trail chipsets would not launch until Q4 2012. They are now, however, pointing to a new timeline that will see Intel’s new platform launch sooner Windows 8.