Windows 8 Would Help Boosting the Mobile PC Market?

PC shipments are expected to rise in the second half of 2012, with Window 8-based PCs helping boost the market. This time frame will encompass much of the predicted 5 percent growth of the PC market this year, with the first half being likely to be much weaker in terms of sales.

One factor that drives this is the launch of the new iPad and other tablets, whose features are making consumers hesitate about owning PCs. Still, tablets, for all their mobility and media-savvy features, are not expected to completely replace PCs.

The approaching launch of the new Windows 8 OS, for one, which will be available in PCs as well as in tablets might make consumers want to own PCs again. Nonetheless, there remains a risk that the demand for PCs will drop if similar designs with iPad will not be created. T

his year and the next will have crucial effects for Microsoft, what with Windows 8 being launched and Ultrabooks being produced. However, the effects of offering a tablet-like experience on a PC are definitely unknown, and might be based on a trial and error system on the part of Microsoft. This will cause only a modest growth in the PC market this year.

via CNET

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Written by: Björn A.