Yanko shows off briefcase notebook concept

Yanko Design proudly introduces a handy new concept design called Playing By Heart. They draw up a laptop that, with a few easy folds, turns into a briefcase eliminating the need for cases and sleeves. We’ve seen this type of design previously with the Intel Classmate which had a handle but it was just for carrying the netbook. The HP Mini 5102 also took this idea to heart and included a carrying handle/cooling stand that could be attached to the rear of the portable.

While the design certainly is nice (and brushed metal, too!), it’s not for everybody. It could be useful for short jaunts between coffee shops or for going from class to class. Personally though, I wouldn’t use this outside when commuting or travelling in public areas where you might attract unwanted attention from unscrupulous people.

source Yanko

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Written by: Björn A.