ZTE Aims for Some Twin Phablet Models

The phablet, or phone tablet hybrid is becoming a new niche in gadgets, with ZTE unveiling its very own two phablet models this year. The China-based company is following the lead of Samsung and LG which have earlier launched phablets in the market.

ZTE has seen the merit in releasing the devices, after Samsung saw success with the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note is a device that initially received ridicule but eventually formed its own fan base with its portability, stylus support, and a range of functions.

On the other hand, the LG Optimus Vu carries similar specifications. Within a month of its launch, Samsung was able to sell 1 million units of the Galaxy Note. Thus, even if there is a relatively smaller number of apps that carry support for the stylus, many seem to be appreciative of the combination of two increasingly essential devices.

ZTE’s entrance into the phablet market is but one of the changes it hopes to achieve. When it pushes through, the phablet is expected to increase ZTE’s sales records, on top of the 50m smartphones that it hopes to sell and twice the number of tablets that it sold last year.

On a larger note, however, the company is also looking at expanding outside of its home country and possibly competing head-to-head alongside larger companies like Apple and Samsung.

via slashgear

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