Best Netbooks For 2020

Best Netbooks For 2020

In this article you will be given our list of our favorite net books for 2020! The list will not be in any particular order however each net book mentioned will have its top features listed in order to help you decide on your personal favorite. Before we get started let’s 1st discuss exactly what a netbook is versus a notebook. Netbooks are generally smaller more light weight and low power devices. Although they do have lower attributes such as possible resolution as well as lower processing speeds they are still fully capable of completing basic tasks such as streaming word processing and other basic computing functions like browsing the Web.

Because of their lower capabilities you can also expect them to carry a lower price tag than their sister devices,notebooks. Generally they’re operating systems resemble the operating systems of tablets more closely then they do actual notebook computers. The operating systems on net books are generally those you would find in mobile phones or the sequential tablets. This means that they do possess the capabilities of operating specific applications but are incapable of running windows or Mac OS programs.

Even though their software resembles that of tablets their hardware resembles that of computers. Net books will have Full hardware keyboards as well as several other connectivity options that are generally not available to tablets such as HDMI output, ethernet ports, USB ports along with other connectivity options in some cases. Even sporting the lower price tags you can still find some that are fully touch screen enabled. Now I guess that’s enough for the introduction let’s find out what our top list of netbooks in 2020 are.

1. ASUS L402WA-EH21

Asus L402WA-EH21

This thin and light Laptop boasts a 14-inch HD screen. The price tag is right around $200 US, And even for this price it still has recommendable hardware. It boasts an AMD E2-6110 Quad Core 1.5GHz Processor for less than a lot of tablets you can find yourself running some serious software without the lag usually associated with this genre of computing. It also possesses an AMD Radeon R2 Graphics card. AMD is one of the most widely recognized graphics card manufacturers worldwide. With 4GB RAM,and 32GB eMMC Flash Storage you won’t be able to run the most advanced software but you will be able to maintain all of your photo and video editing needs at a consumer level.This netbook actually runs Windows 10 and is capable of all your processing needs. It is a handy little device for an entry level consumer.


2. Lenovo – IdeaPad 1

lenovo ideapad 1 - netbooks

This likewise has a 14 inch screen with similar features to the ASUS L402WA-EH21, however it does boast an upgraded AMD Radeon R4 Graphics card as well as an extra 32GB eMMC Flash Storage. Likewise its processor is an AMD A4-9120E 1.50GHz, but runs up to 2.20GHz. The price tag on this one is approximately $229 US.

3. Lenovo Chromebook S340 

Lenovo Chromebook S340

This netbook has a full HD,14 inch touchscreen that can fluctuate between HD and FHD in order to save battery. Likewise it uses an Intel Celeron N4000 processor which can fluctuate between 1.10GHz, and 2.60GHz according to the computer’s needs in an attempt to also save battery life. It has the standard 4GB RAM. It utilizes Chrome operating system as well as a 64GB eMMC Hard drive. It uses an Intel UHD 600 graphics card. It has a price point right around $220 US which makes this a heavy competitor in the field.

4. Lenovo 100e Chromebook

100e Chromebook

Due to several price drops in instant savings rebates available throughout the Web this Chrome book clocks in at approximately $100 US. Although the price difference is significantly lower you will see that the hardware specifications seem to be on par with the other products mentioned in this list. It has 4GB ram which allows for the multi tasking many students require. Initially has a rather small hard drive of 16GB but it is easily expandable through the use of external cards. It does have a touchscreen capable of full HD although it is only 11.1″. This could be a positive if you are really into having a completely portable device.

5. Asus Chromebook Flip C214

Asus Chromebook Flip C214

This Chromebook has a slightly higher price tag of around $345 US. However the higher cost Can be attributed to its extra rugged exterior in comparison to the other netbooks on this list. On holding it you can tell that its construction is finer than most others. Is made from a hard polycarbonate and metal casing. In it also boasts a waterproof design. While its hardware profile is comparable to the others with a 4GB ram and 2.56 GHz Max speed processor, It does possess a solid state drive which will increase its snappy performance with respect to loading applications.

6. Acer C720-2103 Chromebook

acer chromebook

This is one of the thinnest netbooks i our list. It’s with is approximately 1 inch. It likewise has some of the lowest specifications and hardware profiles on this list. It possesses a basic AMD processor and a meager 1GB of memory. What it does possess is a relatively large R drive of 250GB. The OS is snappy enough to perform all of your basic tasks This coupled with the larger than average hard drive means you can use this potentially in your camera bag if you are into photography or video ography. With its hardware use profile and battery size you can expect this to last for approximately 5 hours or so. Its price tag it’s right in the middle of our list and about $225 US.

7. Samsung Chromebook 3 500C13-K04

samsung chromebook

Comes in as our thinnest netbook at 0.7 inches. Likewise it is our least heavy one at 2.5 lbs. Even though it’s our smallest netbook on the list it still is able to pack in 4GB of ram as well as a 16GB solid state hard drive. It also possesses a flexible 1.10 GHz to 2.56 GHz processor.

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