Microsoft Edge Now Shows You Coupon Codes While Shopping Online.

Microsoft Edge Now Shows You Coupon Codes While Shopping Online.

We Tested it By Searching For Hotwire Promo Codes.

We did a quick assessment of Edge’s coupon capability against existing coupon websites. The result? Edge’s coupon plugin was outdated and offered no deals that worked. The winner? CouponJournal and their Hotwire promo codes. Kudos to them for keeping their hotel, flight, and vacation coupon codes valid and working.

Experiment #1: Hotwire Promo Codes

  • We tested Microsoft Edge’s coupon extension by booking a big, expensive vacation on Hotwire’s website. It was a big trip to Hawaii: 5-star resort, direct flights, luxury car rental, etc. It had everything. The total cost for 7 nights? $11,875

The Competitors: 1. Microsoft Edge.

  • Here is their claim: Microsoft says Edge is the best browser for shopping during the holidays due to its built-in tools that help you save time and money when shopping online. We’ve trawled through how Microsoft Edge uses Bing’s help to make shopping easier on big shopping holidays like Black Friday and potentially save you money. 
  • More of their claim: As more people use Edge for shopping, you’ll be able to find the lowest prices and coupon codes that work for you (like 20% off Pro for Codecademy). It’s one of the best tools to help you shop and save money on big shopping days like Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

2. Honey Extension

  • You probably know Honey, the browser extension that automatically applies coupons as well. It’s also supported by the Honey community, which means that coupons get added when people feel like sharing them, and there is little if any oversight on the coupon codes themselves.

3. Coupon Code Websites.

  • We chose 3:,, and We looked through and tried the top 5 coupon codes from each of these site’s Hotwire coupons pages. We tried to keep it fair, since most shoppers will only try the top 5. We didn’t read if these promo codes only worked for hotels, flights, vacation packages, car rentals, or whatever. We just copied and pasted coupons.
  • The Results? Little Coupon Code website CouponJournal! Take a bow!

Microsoft Edge is More Than Just Coupon Codes, However.

  • Edge will proactively display coupon codes at the checkout, and from there you can copy and paste the code, or let Edge try to fill the one that saves you the most money in a smorgasbord of items. Edge will proactively display coupon codes at the checkout, where they can be copied and pasted. You can try it automatically – fill them out and automatically – fill out the ones that save you the most money with a medley element. 
  • Edge will proactively display coupon codes at the checkout where they can be copied and pasted, and from there you can copy and paste the code and let Edge try to automate the one that saves you the most money in a smorgasbord of items. 
  • You have to click on apply coupons, and the savings are applied to your shopping cart. The browser compares all available coupons, and the one with the biggest savings is applied. If the voucher is valid, it will be listed as a voucher with the details given in the description, the amount you can save if you use it, and its terms and conditions. 

Edge Also Offers Price Comparisons. 

  • On top of coupon codes, the Edge browser includes a price comparison tool. It will show you prices for the same item at other retailers. In addition to coupon codes, Edge will compare the price of an item from several different sellers. 
  • After viewing the product online, Edge searches for any purchase that might be available and automatically compares the price with other retailers. If you compare different coupon codes for a particular product, you will end up with the best deal. Microsoft Edge will show you prices with the other retailer and show you which coupon code is available for you. 
  • You can check multiple coupon codes to see which one works for other Microsoft Edge shoppers and whether it works for you. It will also automatically find the best voucher at the checkout and try to use the one that automatically gives you the biggest discount. 
  • Several coupon sites claim to have the best coupon codes on the internet. You can also find savings in the coupon section of the website to distribute to your customers. 
  • But Edge isn’t the only option for couponers to save money. Many coupon sites offer extensions that apply codes automatically in your shopping cart. 

Alternative Coupon Extensions: 

  • If you want to search for a coupon code every time you buy, you can do so in the Honey app and you will be thrilled. Instead of browsing dozens of coupon sites to find out if you’ve saved money on your purchase with a coupon code, we can leave it to the Honey app to know if any of them works, and if they do, they’ll find it and apply it to your purchases. 
  • You can also search for coupon codes while you shop and try them out automatically, and it will blow your mind. 
  • Honey is a free browser extension that quickly searches for coupons and automatically applies the best coupon codes available at the checkout. Honey automatically finds the coupon code for the website you’re shopping at and applies it to your order when you check out, saving you money on finding coupons. 
  • ‘Cently’, which is CouponFollow’s coupon code extension, tests the online coupon code for each item in your shopping cart. 
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